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Senior Pastor, Pentecostal Missionary Baptist Church

Steven J. Turner was born November 23, 1958 to Mrs. Carrie M. Turner and the late Rev. James Elex Turner of Memphis, TN. He was baptized at the Boston Baptist Church pastored by the late Dr. Oris L. Mays.  He garnered his formal education at Westwood High School, Memphis, TN and Missouri Baptist College, St. Louis MO.  Steven earned the rank of Quarter Master 2nd class in the US Navy, in January 1982 and was honorably discharged.  Pastor Turner is currently employed at FedEx as a security analyst and a vital team for the past twenty seven years.

Pastor Turner is the proud father of one daughter India V. Turner, in whom he loves dearly.

Pastor Turner acknowledged his call to the gospel ministry at Herald of His Coming COGIC Norfolk VA under the pastorate of the late Bishop David C. Love. 

In January 1982, Dr. James L Netters licensed Steven J. Turner for ministry at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Westwood.  Steven was appointed youth pastor in 1995 and ordained in 1998.

On November 6th, 1998 Pastor Turner was called to Pentecostal Missionary Baptist Church located at 1538 Norris RD. The church grew beyond its capacity. In March of 2003, the congregation of Pentecostal moved into its new worship center and continues to grow as God gives the increase. The church has helped many men and women understand the gospel and apply it to their daily lives.

Under the visionary leadership of Pastor Turner, Pentecostal has designed a Christian based foundation that provides spiritual growth and economic empowerment to encourage worshippers to move toward “Higher Living “in all aspects of their lives.

The church’s overall theme is “From Vision to Victory”. The ministry vision for Pentecostal is to bring the family unit back to the biblical order that God ordained, thus spiritually, morally and financially empowering families to be God sustained ministries that will perpetuate the gospel of the Kingdom from generation to generation. Pastor Turner’ messages are designed to lift the entire family unit towards “Higher Living”.

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